Strap-leaf caladium varieties as a group are generally more sun tolerant than many of the fancy-leaf varieties. Nevertheless, some of our newer fancy caladium variety introductions are more sun tolerant as well. In 2000, Classic Caladiums began program to reintroduce rejuvenated selected commercial caladium varieties. Similarly the company expanded its breeding program to develop and introduce new genetics into the caladium line - hence, more sun-loving caladiums. Generally, we classify sun tolerant caladiums as caladiums that can accommodate 6 hrs+ of direct sun. Watering may be a factor in continued growth.

Varieties are categorized by the number of hours they can withstand the sun beginning with 2-4 hours of sun (shade only), to 8+ hours being fully sun tolerant.

 *Varieties in RED coming soon


Varieties for 4-6 hours of morning sun:

Allure | Ballet Slippers | Classic Pink | Fannie Munson | Summer Breeze

Varieties for 6-8 hours of morning sun:

Aaron | Berries N Burgundy | Bombshell | Burning Heart | Candidum | Candidum Sr. | Carolyn Whorton | Carousel | Celebration | Creamsickle | Flatter Me | Freckles | Freida Hemple | Hot Flash | Kathleen | Lemon Blush | Mesmerized | Monument | Moonlight | Party Punch | Pink Beauty | Pink Cloud | Pink Splash | Posy Pink | Radiance | Raspberry Moon | Red Alert | Restless Heart | Roseglow | Snow Drift | Summer Pink | Tapestry | Torchy | Water's Edge | White Cap | White Christmas | White Queen

Varieties for full sun (8+ hours):

Bottle Rocket | Fast Flash | John Peed | Postman Joyner | Red Flash | Southern Charm