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Roseglow Caladiums

Rose Glow is a fancy-leaf hybrid that is similar the commercial variety Rosebud which is disappearing due to production problems.  Rose Glow has better yields for the producer and a similar color pattern except for having a white dot where the petiole connects to the leaf blade.  Further, as Rose Glow matures, leaves develop white main veins that contrast well with its pink/rose background.  Suited for pots 6 and larger, Rose Glow should be de-eyed to improve pot habit. .  In the landscape it can take full sun and reaches heights of 12-18.  This caladium variety was developed by Dr. Robert Hartman, CEO of Classic Caladiums.

Strap White Variety     Our Code: RGL
Patent #20,070 by Hartman Hybrids

De-eyeing caladiums can result in fuller plants
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Not De-eyed De-eyed

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