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Blushing Bride Caladiums   PP 22.213

Blushing Bride is a strap (lance) leaved variety.  With bright deep pink veins and translucent laminar areas, Blushing Beauty is a true “beauty” among caladiums.  On mature leaves, main veins can be white.  Useful in 4” pots and up, de-eyeing Blushing Beauty, as with most caladiums, improves habit.  De-eyed, Blushing Beauty looks great in a hanging basket.  Though it appears sun tolerant in trials, it might be best to plant it in intermediate shade until it becomes better understood.  It is intermediate in size. This caladium variety was developed by Dr. Robert Hartman, CEO of Classic Caladiums.

Strap Pink Variety     Our Code: BLB

De-eyeing caladiums can result in fuller plants
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Blushing Bride Caladium Brushing Bride Caladiums can benefit from de-eying for a fuller plant,
Not de-eyed De-eyed

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