Tropicals are sold as growers choice - we are not able to fill orders for specific varieties.


Tropicals (Growers Choice - see below)

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1 gal. Assorted Tropicals


1 gal. Assorted Tropicals




Our Elephant Ears (A. Alocasia, C. Colocasia, and Musa Dwarf)
Black Coral  Black Stem elephant ear  Blue Hawaii elephant ears    Colocasi Coal Miner elephant ear 
A. Black Coral C. Black Stem C. Blue Hawaii C. Calidora C. Coal Miner
  Colocasia Kona Coffee elephant ear  Alocasia Low Rider elephant ear  Colocasia Mojito Elephant ear  Musa Dwarf 
C. Fontanesii C. Kona Coffee A. Low Rider C. Mojito Musa Dwarf
Alocasia Plumbae elephant ear  Alocasia Portora       
A. Plumbae A. Portora C. Tropic Storm