Caladium varieties and information here.

Caladium Bulb Sizes and Information

Bulb Sizes:                 
Caladium bulbs are sold in various size grades based on the diameter of the bulb.  The bulbs are categorized into the following traditional sizes:

  • No. 4:  to (2.0 cm)

  • No. 3:  to 1 (2.0 2.5 cm)

  • No. 2:  1 to 1 (2.5 4.0 cm)

  • No. 1:  1 to 2 (4.0 6.5 cm)

  • Jumbo:  2 to 3 (6.5 9.0 cm)

  • Mammoth:  3 to 4 (9.0 11.5 cm)

  • Super Mammoth:    4 Up (> 11.5 cm)

Recently a market has been developing for No. 3 (seed stock size) bulbs.  This size is suitable for 4 pots and under.  The size of the No. 3 bulbs is less than 1 inch.


Bulb Storage:            
Caladiums are tropical plants, and bulbs must be stored at temperatures above 60F (16C) with a relative humidity in the neighborhood of 75%.  Also, there needs to be good air exchange to prevent build-up of gases.  Caladiums are particularly sensitive to the presence of ethylene gas.  When storing caladiums, unpack them immediately upon arrival and store them in open trays with proper air circulation.  Exposing bulbs to cold temperatures will cause them to sprout slowly and erratically and cold may stunt the crop.

Stunted Growth:        
Make sure that bulbs are not stored at temperatures below 60F (16C), or above 90 (32C).  Injury due to temperature exposure manifests itself in stunted (sometimes very slow) erratic growth even though the bulb does not show any injury at all.

Minimum Quantities:
Boxing for wholesale orders has been standardized in the industry accordingly:   

Bulb Size














Super Mammoth


Caladium Bulb producers have minimum order quantities which tend to be 5 or more boxes.

Shipping Information:           
The standard industry box dimensions are 11 (20 cm) H X 18 (45 cm) W X 14 (35 cm) D or 0.5 cubic feet or 0.15 cubic meters.  Boxes on average weigh 30 lbs or 13.5 Kg, however individual boxes must be weighted to get exact weight at time of shipping.  Prices tend to be FOB.


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