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Pre-Finished Caladiums

Our Classic Caladium, LLC  Pre-Finished Pot Program

Being tropical, caladiums require sustained warm temperatures to initiate sprouts (>70°F) and continue to grow (minimum night temperatures >60°F).  This creates two significant problems for temperature region growers; 1) the cost of heat and 2) the relative short spring shipping and selling season. 


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Classic’s pre-finished pot program can provide the perfect solution.  By taking advantage of our climate controlled warm curing facility and Florida’s early spring, Classic provides temperate region (Zones 3-9) pot producers with sprouted 4” – 8” caladium pots and 8” - 10” hanging baskets from February through May.  We often apply growth regulators prior to shipping to prevent stretching in transit and provide our customers with sturdy compact finished pots. 

Several examples of the development of a pre-finished pot (Classic’s product) to finish in the customers’ nursery, a process that takes from 3-6 weeks depending on the temperature:

Pre-Finished Potted Candidum Caladium

Prefinished potted Frieda Hemple Caladium

Pre-Finished potted Pink Beauty Caladium

Pre-Finished Candidum Caladium Pre-Finished Frieda Hemple Caladium Pre-Finished Pink Beauty Caladium
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