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Since its inception, Classic Caladiums has depended on our broker network.  Most of the major horticultural brokers in the country use Classic as a supplier. Find a broker

With more than 55 years of combined management experience working with and servicing brokers, we are sensitive to brokers needs.  From timely quality responses to your inquiries to prompt order confirmation and communication of shipping details, Classic delivers quality product and service.


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For enhanced reliability Classic has physically diversified its production locations through two physically separated internal production sites and a number of remote contract producers thus assuring supply should some major environmental event (e.g. hurricane) occur at one site other sites will probably not be affected.  We also have good working relations with other caladium bulb producers should we need to supplement our supply of any variety.

Classic Caladiums has the most extensive variety list of the large caladium bulb producers.  Further, Classic is the exclusive source of 16 newly patented and released varieties.  Our new variety program is the most extensive in the country with hundreds of crosses and thousands of hybrid seedlings evaluated annually.  This program has delivered many award winning varieties.  Exclusive varieties include Mt. Everest, White Marble and Candyland, Rose Glow, Raspberry Moon, Starburst, Victoria and Twist, Rosemary, White Wonder, White Star and White Delight, Iceberg, Blushing Bride, Mt. Fuji and Peppermint.  Further, we are very active in introducing new University of Florida releases and have the most licenses of any caladium producer.  Classic uses a network of well-known and respected producers, arboretums and botanical gardens across the US and Europe to help us select the very best varieties for introduction.

You must specify Classic bulbs when ordering from brokers to assure you get Classic Bulbs.



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