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Our Parent Company
Since 1970, ABBOTT-IPCO has served the Horticulture industry as an international source of many types of bulbs. In 2000, ABI and Dr. Robert Hartman combined forces and formed Classic Caladiums, LLC.


Innovative management and strong quality control, from day 1...

   Re-inventing the wheel, Classic has brought the caladium industry up to modern standards. We have introduced over 55 NEW, patented caladium varieties since 2007 - many of which have improved sun tolerance. This process takes an average of 7 years of development, testing and trialing before we make a new variety available. In addition, our certification program takes older varieties and rejuvenates them up to standards for modern growing methods. Cleaning up caladium varieties from years and years of accumulated pathogens, irregular habits and growth rate is a large part of Classic's continuing quality control process.


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