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Our Parent Company
Since 1970, ABBOTT-IPCO has served the Horticulture industry as an international source of many types of bulbs. In 2000, ABI and Dr. Robert Hartman combined forces and formed Classic Caladiums, LLC.


Innovative management and strong quality control, from day 1...

   From its inception in 2000, Classic Caladiums has been committed to increasing the use of caladiums. One by one we've addressed production concerns as related to us by our customers. To reinvigorate the line, since 2007, we've introduced more than 60 new patented varieties. These new varieties have performance standards that our customers need while offering new looks that attract retail customers to our product. Utilizing tissue culture and  product certification techniques we've rejuvenated existing varieties. Our de-eyeing and painting services have helped our pot producer customers achieve better production throughput and less shrink at retail. We also have a potted program primarily used by Northern customers to get a jump start on the spring season.


Our Team

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