Caladiums represent a huge potential for retailers across the US for spring and early summer sales.  Potted caladiums represent the largest market for caladiums, however in recent years caladiums have proved very useful in Combination Planters.  From boarders using smaller varieties to foundation plants with larger varieties, caladiums represent colors and looks only they can provide for combination planters.  Dry bulb sales are also a good bet.  Bulb companies have very nice display racks for dry bulb sales.


photo courtesy Home Depot

photo courtesy of Lowe's

Caladiums like high light, feed and water and should be provided good space.  Growth regulators significantly improve habit and shelf life.  Grown properly (see- Recipe for Success) a consumer can hardly resist the appeal of caladiums.  Retailers should select wholesale pot producers that reliably provide them with compact sturdy full plants with appropriate shelf life.

To avoid stretching, caladiums should be unboxed immediately after receipt from the pot producer.  If received on carts they should be removed immediately and placed in a single layer in the display areas.  They should be watered daily.

Low maintenance caladiums always represent a good bet for spring and early summer sales.