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Caladiums work great in combination and patio pots either as caladiums with caladiums or caladiums with other plant varieties. Combination pots can either be planted directly, which works well with caladiums with caladiums, or as finished or pre-finished pots transplanted to a larger pot.

More photos and information on pots and baskets:

Caladiums with caladiums

  Caladiums have different habits depending on variety.  Also the habit can be modified with de-eyeing and growth regulators.  When making combinations of caladiums it is often a good idea to plant a taller fancy leaved variety in the center of a pot with more compact lower growing strap leaf varieties around the perimeter. We are working on different variety formulas which result in incredible combos, however different varieties vary in their crop time and response to de-eyeing so until we know more the most successful combos will occur by transplanting finished or pre-finished pots to a larger container.  Click here for illustrations of combinations which worked well when transplanting finished small pots (4”-6”) to larger (18”-24”) pots.

Caladiums with other plants
  Because of varying crop times it is best to make a finished combination pot by transplanting finished or prefinished plants from smaller pots to larger containers.  Caladiums work great with a great many other plant varieties including edible patio plantings. Go here for some examples of caladiums with other plant varieties including elephant ears and canna lilies.

Caladium Hanging Baskets
  Many caladium varieties make great hanging baskets either alone or in combination with other caladiums or plant varieties.  The key to nice basket is to choose the right variety (in general strap varieties better lend themselves to baskets), de-eye the bulbs before planting and put the right number of bulbs/basket depending on basket size (See bulb size and number/pot size). Below is a list of varieties that make great baskets:

  • Blushing Bride

  • Debutante

  • Cherry Tart

  • Lance Whorton

  • Peppermint

  • Pink Gem

  • Red Frill

  • Red Ruffles

  • Rosemary

  • Starburst

  • Sweetheart

  • Victoria

  • White Delight

  • White Diamond

  • White Pearl