Our procedures are as follows:

  1. Bulbs for potting are selected and de-eyed.

  2. De-eyed bulbs are potted and the pots are placed in carrying trays.
  3. Pots are watered, drained for a few minutes and stacked on pallets.
  4. Stacked palletized pots are wrapped in plastic and labeled.
  5. Pallets are placed in a sprouting room which is kept at 80-85° F (27-29°C) for 2-3 weeks (until sprouting is observed).
  6. After sprouting, pallets are removed from the  room and the plastic cover is removed.
  7. Pots are spaced and fertilized with a 90 day CRF.

Wrap and label pallet Palletized pots in sprouting room Close-up
Observe sprouting before removing   Pallets removed from sprouting room   Uncovered sprouted bulbs
Red Ruffles 1 week after spacing   Candyland 2 weeks after spacing   Adding controlled release fertilzer